Chapter 6 - Humans in the Biosphere

Link to Powerpoints and Guided Notes for Chapter 6:
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Current Events:

Vocabulary Review:

Video Review:
Crash Course - 5 Human Impacts on the Environment

Crash Course - Pollution

Sci Show - Climate Change

Sci Show - 5 Things We Learned About Climate Change

Sci Show - Invasive Species

Sci Show - Food Shortage

Sci Show - Lab Grown Meat

Scientific American - Are We Facing the Sixth Mass Extinction?

Bozeman Biology - Human Impacts on Earth System

Bozeman Biology - Global Climate Change

Bozeman Biology - Biodiversity

Bill Nye the Science Guy - Biodiversity

CNN - Planet in Peril (Part 1)

HHMI - Dramatic Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice in 2012

National Geographic - Has Global Warming Stopped or Slowed?

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