Chapter 16 - Darwin's Theory of Evolution

Link to Powerpoints and Guided Notes for Chapter 16:

Current Events:

Vocabulary Review:

Big Picture Issues - Evolution


Video Review:

Crash Course - Natural Selection

Sci Show - Vestigial Structures

Sci Show - Facts About Human Evolution

KurzGesagt - How Evolution Works

Camouflaged Octopus (Amazing Adaptation)

Bozeman Biology - Natural Selection

Bozeman Biology - Evidence for Evolution

Bill Nye - Evolution (Part 1)

Bill Nye - Evolution (Part 2)

Evolution in Action - Lizards

Stated Clearly - What is Evolution?

Stated Clearly - What is Natural Selection?

Khan Academy - Introduction to Evolution and Natural Selection

Related Infographics:

2005 evolution.jpg

2011 human evolution.jpg

Dog Evolution.jpg

Tree of Life.jpg


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